The Battle For Britain

How Radical Islam Is The National Socialism Of Today

For 3 months and 3 weeks in 1940, Britain was on the brink. A ferocious air battle, the first of its kind, was fought across the skies of Britain. A victory for the Third Reich would have seen a full-scale invasion and brought Europe under complete control of Adolf Hitler.

Britain emerged victorious from its ‘darkest hour’ because it was ready and prepared to fight such a battle. The enemy was known, the threat was understood and the objective was clear. Nearly eighty years later, Britain is under siege once again. Yet this time, we are unaware, unprepared and unwilling to fight.

For our shores have seen the invasion of an altogether different kind of enemy than the one we encountered in World War II. This new foe has already penetrated our borders and it’s ideology infected our people. But rather than a nation-state, the threat comes in the form of a twisted religious ideology.

Radical Islam is the National Socialism of today. With the exception of a virulent anti-Semitism, these two worldviews seem diametrically opposed in every conceivable way. However, they both share a bloodthirsty lust to conquer and destroy the values, traditions and way of life of anyone who stands in their way.

In 2017 alone, there were 5 Jihadi terror attacks in Britain, with a further nine plots foiled by the overstretched intelligence services. And recently the MI5 announced that they have successfully stopped a terrorist incident in every month since the Westminster attack in London last year.

Gilles de Kerchove, the EU’s counter-terror coordinator recently estimated that there are around 25,000 Jihadists living in the UK, the highest in Europe. Mass immigration from the Muslim world has produced ‘home-grown’ terrorists determined to transform Britain into a country ruled under Sharia Law.

The warning signs had been ignored as long as they had existed. For decades, the UK’s growing Islamic population was becoming increasingly estranged from their host nation. It is of no surprise that according to a recent poll, almost two-thirds of British Muslims would not contact the authorities if they knew of a relative involved in terrorist activity.

Meanwhile, the political establishment was busy reaching staggering new heights of denialism in their absolute refusal to accept that their vision of a multi-cultural Utopia was crumbling. Cowardly politicians would go to great lengths to avoid the issue altogether, mirroring the attitudes of their 1930’s contemporaries when faced with the rise of Nazi Germany.

Instead, they hijacked the notion of Britain as a tolerant nation to infer that any criticism of Islam betrays our proud history of protecting the rights of individuals to practice their religion. But the relatively succesful assimilation of non-Muslim migrants indicates that the fault lies squarely with Islam’s incompatibility with the western world.

In the wake of a devastating Islamic attack, it has become ubiquitous to hear the sanctimonious cry of “it’s not all Muslims”, which is strange as this accusation does not appear to have ever been made by anyone. And nevermind that it would have been akin to saying that “not all Germans are Nazis”, as Stuka dive-bombers devastated the streets of Britain.

Another all too familiar response is the absurd claim that the memories of the lives claimed by Islamic terror are being exploited when it’s pointed out that the perpetrators are Muslim. This is comparable to suggesting that it’s disrespectful to the victims of the Holocaust to acknowledge that it was the Nazi’s who were responsible for the atrocity.

Meanwhile, virtue-signalling public figures clamour to show us how ‘compassionate’ they are by parading their sadness through the shallow world of social media. A terror attack unleashes an endless flow of saccharine drivel which quickly saturates the news coverage, diverting attention away from the glaring issue of Jihadism. .

Islam’s only obligatory mention comes when we are mercilessly reminded that it is a “religion of peace”, a statement so utterly ludicrous the counter evidence can be measured by the stacks of dead bodies Islam has left in its wake. That doesn’t stop countless politicians repeating this falsehood as if it may come true if only it is said enough.

Political correctness has paralysed us from saying in public what we say in private. The fear of having your reputation ruined and your career destroyed is preventing the public from speaking freely and candidly. Any critique of Islam runs the risk of breaking Britain’s Orwellian hate speech laws.

Those who are brave enough to speak out are met with the kind of condemnation that the murderous Islamists somehow escape. Why would it be seen as absurd to vilify a Doctor for diagnosing a patient with cancer but not equally ridiculous to condemn those who diagnose Islamism as societies cancer?

But one day, the fear of having your son blown to pieces at a pop concert, or your daughter being raped by a grooming gang will outweigh the fear of being called a ‘racist’ or an ‘Islamophobe’. Until then, the public will remain quiet, hoping that the madness stops and their country return to its senses.

It is in our private conversations where the true mood of the nation can be found. In spite of their best efforts, the liberal elites are failing to shape public opinion. A recent poll showed that over 70 percent of Brits had a “negative” view of Islam, while almost a third said that Islam “promotes violence” in the UK.

There is an unmistakable sense that Britain is currently experiencing a dramatic sea change in its views towards Islam and British identitarianism. With the surging popularity of civic and ethno-nationalism a backlash now seems an inevitability. What is less clear is whether the revolt will be a peaceful one.

For homicidal evil can not be corrected, it has to be eradicated. Like a cancer destroying an otherwise healthy body, radical Islam is slowing spreading through its host, killing all that it comes in contact with. It can’t be reformed, appeased or neutered, it’s only cure is total obliteration.

We have had the fortune of being born into a country founded on the principles of liberty, community and democracy, its our duty to pass these values on to future generations. And while the Battle of Britain reminds us that we have been in this position before, without a fight, this may be the last.


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