Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam


Book Review

In a time when political correctness has stifled the ability to have a conversation about divisive subjects, it’s refreshing to see the mainstream publication of a book which will undoubtedly cause controversy. Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam is a provocative and uncompromising look at one of the worlds great religions.

Even before its release, there has been a sleuth of negative publicity from left-wing media outlets including calls for major retailers to boycott it completely. As is often the case, this hysterical reaction from hyperventilating social justice warriors has only raised the books profile and allowed it to reach a bigger audience.

Not that a book co-authored by Tommy Robinson could go under the radar. The growing popularity of the political activist turned conservative journalist is one of the most encouraging signs that there may be a sea change in British politics after years of ineffectual leadership and self-defeating policies.

Robinson has teamed up with Peter McLoughlin, the author of the excellent Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal, for an in-depth look at Islam and the threat this dangerous worldview poses to the west. They aim to dissect the Koran and explain exactly why mass murder is often carried out in its name.

This joint effort offers an important insight into the dangerous beliefs found in the Koran and how they threaten the very existence of western civilisation. It carefully explains how the Judeo-Christian values that underpin the western world are under attack from the rise of radical Islam and the emergence of its protector, the regressive left.

This unholy alliance wants to destroy our free and prosperous society and have formed and effective partnership in their assault on our traditional way of life. Liberal politicians backed by the mainstream media have warped the minds of the general public by promoting an aggressive form of ‘progressive’ ideology.

This insidious agenda includes the uncontrollable influx of Muslim immigration which is rapidly changing the political and cultural landscape of the west. Anyone brave enough to speak out against this social conditioning is accused of ‘hate speech’ and is quickly marginalised from public life.

The elites believe in the use of ‘social Darwinism’ to bring about their globalist vision of a borderless, multicultural utopia. If succesful, western civilisation will perish and be replaced by an authoritarian cultural-marxist state where their narrow ‘progressive liberal’ worldview can be promulgated onto a defenceless public.

This sobering warning should be a huge cause for concern to anyone who wants to preserve the traditional values and ideas that have made the west a bastion for personal freedom, democracy and human rights. The hatred which Islam has towards these basic concepts demonstrates its incompatibility with western civilisation.

Mohammed’s Koran provides a candid analysis of the most important issue of our time and destroys the myth that Islam is a religion of peace. Its accessible content will be a useful tool for anyone who wants to understand and combat the problems we face with the rise of Islamic extremism and the lies of the educated elite.





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