The Deafening Silence


How a new grassroots anti-extremism movement is being ignored by the mainstream media

On Saturday 7th October, over 40,000 people marched through the streets of London bringing the capital to a standstill. It was only the second demonstration organised by the ‘Football Lads Alliance’ (FLA), a new grassroots movement made up of football fans from across the UK.

They were joined by such diverse groups as ‘Veterans Against Terrorism’, the Sikh Awareness Society (SAS) and Gurkhas. They walked en masse from Park Lane to Westminster Bridge where wreaths were laid to honour the victims of the recent
terrorist attacks in Britain.

With the exception of a small few, the army of men, women and children who descended on London diligently observed the request from organisers to abstain from chanting, drinking and the carrying of flags. And considering the presence of the tens of thousands of marchers in attendance, there was incredibly no arrests made by the police.

Yet in spite of the huge turnout, the event was met with an almost complete media blackout. While ‘Anti-Brexiters’ and ‘Women’s Marches’ receive generous and positive coverage by the mainstream media, this predominantly white-working class movement is largely dismissed and when acknowledged, predictably branded ‘far-right’.

The fact that the BBC and Sky were unable to find any place for the march in its extensive 24 hour news coverage, or within its prominent online news presence is further proof that the mainstream media is failing the public. Their only interest is in the continual promotion of their left-wing agenda that pervades every news story they produce.

Meanwhile, The Independent ran with an inexcusable piece of journalism which would be laughable if it wasn’t such a scandalous misrepresentation of the FLA and the event that took place. Perfunctory mentions elsewhere hardly did the protest justice and so it was left to Tommy Robinson and The Rebel Media to help cover the story in an honest manner.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott was one of many leading figures to sign a statement by Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) who were concerned that the protest, “will attract far-right and racist organisations”. She has since been invited by the FLA to talk to its founder about the movement and its motives.

Founded earlier this year by John Meighan, 32, it aims to unite supporters of rival clubs from around Britain and Europe to protest against all forms of extremism. Started as an invite-only Facebook group, it has grown at an incredible rate and aims to hold a third march in northern Britain soon.

Meighan was spurned into action in the wake of the devastating Manchester bombing which killed 22 people in May. He explains, “Football fans are usually given a hard time so this is about bringing different fans together and showing that rivals can be stronger together and the overall message that something needs to be done”.

He adds, “We’re talking about radical Islam extremism, that’s what these people that carried out the five attacks (Lee Rigby, 7/7, Westminster Bridge, London Bridge and the Manchester bombing) were doing it for. It feels to me that we haven’t learnt a lot of lessons and there’s almost this acceptance that this is okay, we’re just too soft”.

The FLA have a zero-tolerance stance towards racism and violence and have taken steps to avoid being wrongly associated with left-wing and far-right groups. Meighan states clearly, “you’re not welcome, please stay away. Our motto is ‘no racism, no violence: together we’re stronger’.”

This simple message has struck a nerve with a large section of the public who feel their voice is not being heard by an incompetent political establishment and a dishonest media class who pour scorn on the legitimate concerns of millions of ordinary people from across the country.

They are tired of being lectured to by the snooty liberal elites who dominate all walks of public life in Britain. These out-of-touch, self-appointed intellectuals hold a prejudiced view against the ‘working-class’ who they regularly dismiss as bigoted ‘white-trash’.

To show any sympathy towards a reasonable movement like the FLA would see them immediately expelled from the smug, self-congratulatory political establishment. Instead they obsess over Britain’s non-existent ‘far-right’ problem while labelling anyone who dare’s criticise radical Islam as ‘Islamophobic’.

For there is a lot to be gained by ‘virtue-signalling’ your way out of discussing culturally sensitive issues. There is an implied sense of moral superiority in sanctimonious postulating about so-called ‘hate speech’, which allows you to appear as a ‘tolerant’ and ‘compassionate’ friend of the poor put-upon British Muslim.

No-one is guilty of this more than our cowardly politicians. As the author Douglas Murray brilliantly explains, “Any popular attempt to register discontent about the weakness of our political elites, the politicians have been incredibly good at coming down on that secondary reaction”.

He adds, “We have a political class that believe that you can solve these problems by dealing with the secondary symptoms. It is like going to a body wracked with disease and solving a skin inflammation. The inability to grapple with a primary problem is a magnificent problem of our time”.

The inane thing about this belligerent denialism is that it has so often blown up in their faces. The result of the Brexit vote sent shock waves around the world and left the political establishment reeling. This was followed by Donald Trump’s stunning victory in the US presidential election.

While commentators argue over how much these events are connected, what is undeniable is the sense of disconnect between the left-leaning media and the increasingly marginalised working-class. It can be no surprise that many feel forced to find alternative ways to have their voices heard.

There is a growing anger at the way this country is responding to the threat of extremism. As Meighan says, “The turning point for a lot of people was the Manchester bombing and the fact that children got killed”. For many of us now feel that the time for action has come and they will be silenced no more.








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